A pricey pour: World’s most expensive coffee, $305,140!


World’s most expensive coffee, a massive $305,000! Counting the beans makes all the difference.

If you’re a coffee drinker, without even knowing it you’re already sampling the most expensive drink you’ve ever tasted. Does your cup of coffee really taste like $305k? A cup of coffee might be a given to start the day, both a stimulant and something we socialise over. Whilst one cup of coffee may cost the equivalent of what we consider to be ‘small change’, the cost of our daily caffeine fix certainly adds up over time.

Let’s say you buy a coffee on your way to work each morning, at a cost of $4 per day or $20 per working week. Not much right? Over a year that’s $1,040 and over five years this adds up to $5,200 (think about what you could spend $5k on!).

Now consider this – Let’s assume that instead of buying a coffee you decide to put $4 in a jar on your desk at work and every Friday you invest the $20 you’ve saved.

In 5 years you would have $6,388.

In 10 years, $15,914

In 20 years, $51,310 AND

$305,140 in 40 years.

Now let’s make it clear, there’s nothing wrong with a barista coffee! This example just goes to show that very small amounts of money over a long time period can seriously add up. It’s not about completely cutting out coffee but becoming smarter with how you spend your money. Think about it, the next time you decide you need a $4 coffee. Do you really need that coffee or would $305,140 be more useful? If you want to review not only your coffee drinking but all things money start now by clicking here.

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