Are you that person, a millionaire on Monday broke by Sunday? You spend every last dollar and then….. PHEW! Lucky payday is Tuesday. Well don’t worry, you’re not alone. 1 in 2 Australian adults lives week to week in fact. That is, every second person you see in the line at Coles, waiting for the train or for the bus to work. They are also struggling, waiting to be paid on Tuesday.

Most people admit they can’t imagine continuing to live paycheque to paycheque. Imagine in 10 years, you are still feeling the stress of waiting for payday Tuesday. When we don’t know how to change, as humans naturally we just keep on doing what we have always done. What YOU need to do is break the cycle.

The best part is, once you understand how to get out of the week-to-week trap you’ll never do it again. I promise you. Always having no money is disheartening. You never know where the next dollar will come from and whether you can afford something. For most people, this causes stress, anxiety and a pressure to keep earning money for the fear of not being able to live. I haven’t ever heard someone stay, living week to week is so stress free!

To be fair you may be thinking….. how am I supposed to know? I never got taught any of this. That I will agree with you on, but you can only use the ‘I was never shown that’ excuse for so long.

Next time your with your friends, ask them how they are feeling about money. I bet you at least one of them is feeling the same. Everyone else’s Instagram is a life of leisure, brunch on Saturday breakfast on Sunday. Go onto snapchat and all you can see is friends out for a good time; drinking, socialising and eating which all costs money!

What if you could be that person on insta & snapchat…… maybe not every week but most weeks. Brekky on Sunday followed by a stroll down near the beach. When you are in control of your spending you no longer feel stressed. If you don’t like your job you can find a new one. Money will allow you to experience things that other people say ‘how can you afford that’. Make the change today from living week to week to changing how you live your whole life! Tackling your money will empower you to do things you never though possible; just watch how much you will achieve if you take control of your cash flow.

Get out of the habit of living week to week. Creating a habit takes 12 weeks, but you only have to start your new relationship with money once. I guarantee if you can understand how to manage your cash flow, you and everyone around you will enjoy your company that much more! Less stress, more money….. sounds like a perfect combination to me!!


  • Look at where your money is going. Break down what you are actually spending your hard earned on. (Food, clothes, alcohol)
  • Check your subscriptions! (You don’t need Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Stan and anything else if you don’t use it)
  • Work out your fixed cost first and then determine what is left over for leisure
  • Don’t use a credit card to keep up with the ‘Instagram Life’. You will regret it when you get the first interest bill.

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