10 Things To Kick Start Your Money in 2018


Make your 2018 different. For many people, the start of the New Year is the chance to pump up the tyres, start over, refresh and make changes. We have grand plans in January and by February the daily grind has seen any changes go into the black hole that is life.


So much for the grand plans that January offered. We are now in February and those plans feel like a lifetime ago. We go through the year, hoping for a better year than last and end up with the same outcome.



This is not just limited to your money but also health, relationships, time, family and anything else in life that’s important to you. Well I challenge you to do one thing: Make 2018 different. Make a conscious decision to change what you’re doing, refresh, recharge and hit the ground running. You only get one shot at life so squeeze as much of the things you want to do in as possible!




“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”  – Albert Einstein



For 2018, hit the ground running now so you’re ready for January:


  1. 1. Invest in yourself: The best return you will ever earn is investing in yourself. Make 2018 the year you improve your knowledge, learn about your finances and how you can make money work for you. Get closer to your goals, make the small steps that lead to a big future now.


2. Do 1 Thing You’ve Always wanted: Where there is a will there is a way. If there is something you have always wanted to do, get it done in 2018. It may be climbing Everest, volunteering in Africa or going to Europe. It might be personal like enrolling in a course or program. Work out how you can get it done.


3. Change your Mindset: Mindset is the easiest thing to change, hardest habit to break. When you consider thoughts, keep mindset front of mind. If what you’re doing doesn’t make you happy, change it! Especially pertinent when we talk about money, change how you feel about it and why you spend the way you spend.


4. Never Be the Smartest in the room: You can always learn something new. Associate yourself with people who can teach you something. Expand, stretch and reach out to groups or people you don’t usually speak with. Network.


5. Make your bed: Check out this video. Change the world by making your bed! If you haven’t seen it, well worth the 6min watch.


6. Think Positively About Money: Mindset is one of the most powerful things we have direct control over. I encourage you to think positively rather than negatively about your money. View it as a tool and opportunity rather than a punish or stress. We’ve made it super easy to change your mindset to, that’s why we created MakeTheMostOfYourMoney.


7. Cut out the dead wood: If dead wood in your life is holding you back let it drift. Be it work, friends or bad habits. Kick them for good so you can focus on the important people and things in life. This includes your financial decisions too!


8. Make every year count: If this is the catalyst for change in 2018, make this the start not the first and last time. Every year can be viewed in two ways: I’m getting older OR an opportunity to grow, create experiences and build your future. Take the latter as an approach.


9. Create a routine: A habit takes 66 days to form. Consistency is key when deciding to make a change to your normal routine. When it comes to your money, think about all the automatic decisions you make and make a conscious decision to not make them automatic. You’ll be amazed at what you don’t need to spend.


10. Think about why you spend: Next time you go to buy something think about ‘why’ you are doing it. If you can justify why you needed it then great. What you will probably find is ‘do I need that coffee’ or ‘did I need those new gym tights’ often the answer is no. Think before you buy!

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